Thursday, October 21, 2010


Welcome to a new virtual space dedicated to all issues related to Community Psychology Practice. The field of Community Psychology is devoted to advancing theory, research and collaborative social action in order to promote positive well-being, advance social justice, increase empowerment and prevent the formation of social problems.

Community Psychology Practice refers to those doing applied community psychology work - in non-profit agencies, health settings, government institutions, consultation firms and with community groups. Community Psychology Practitioners often work directly with communities on issues of shared concern.
We hope to use this blog as an interactive forum for getting the word out about our field and what it has to offer, as well as hearing from you - your inputs and suggestions. If you haven’t heard of Community Psychology, or Community Psychology Practice, we will take care of that.

This blog will cover current happenings in the field of Community Psychology Practice, highlight the work that is being done, share and connect with similar fields, and provide advice both to students and those working on career development.

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