Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's your wish for Community Psychology?

I had the pleasure of asking a myriad of Community Psychology academics, practicioners and students questions about their experiences in community psychology.

Their responses were rich and varied.  Here's a great example from Rhonda Lewis-Moss:

GJCPP Interview: Rhonda Lewis Moss from GJCPP on Vimeo.

More profiles in in Community Psychology videos are available HERE and will be added to that channel as well as the GJCPP (Global Journal of Community Psychology) in coming issues. 

What's YOUR new year's wish for Community Psychology?  Let us know by leaving it in the comments here, or by emailing it to  Feel free to use photos, video, etc in your responses.  

We will compile the responses and put them together in a blog post for January 2011.  

Happy New Year!

Post by Dyana Valentine
Los Angeles, CA


  1. Hi there,
    Is there a different URL for the GJCPP videos? If you go directly to, you get a "page not found" error.


  2. Sorry about that. The Vimeo link has been updated above, or follow this URL to the videos:

  3. Christina: I look forward to hearing your wish here. My wish is that folks leaving Community Psych programs feel ready to support and inspire their communities. Also, that they feel prepared with the professional skills and peer/mentorship they need to do good works.