Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bringing Communities Together

Recently the APA Monitor (a publication of the American Psychological Association) featured a profile on Tom Wolff, a community psychologist practitioner.  The article does a great job of highlighting how community psychologists work alongside community members to create better futures.   It also stressed the importance of making sustainable systems-level changes, with an eye towards prevention and health promotion.

"We have to stop pouring all our efforts into bandaging up the wounded and really look at systems change," Wolff said.  "That's really the field of community psychology."

The article is available to read here.

To find out more about Tom's work, visit: http://www.tomwolff.com/  or see his book new book "The Power of Collaborative Solutions"

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  1. Excellent article, excellent work. Tom is just great! This article is a nice win for community psychology.