Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Community Psychology: Past, Present, and Future

Many of us just returned from the most recent conference for the Society for Community Research and Action. For so many of us, it was like coming home. Personally, I don't think I ever see people as happy at any other conference as I do at SCRA (except maybe for other community psychology conferences). Those who couldn't attend can get a glimpse into the action by checking out pictures, posts, and more at the SCRA2013 tagboard

One of my favorite things about the SCRA conference is that it enables face to face meetings between people who otherwise only communicate through email or phone. Here's a picture that includes some of the main people involved in the Community Psychology Practice blog (we missed you, Sharon!):

Left to right: Christopher Nettles, Kyrah Brown, Olya Belyaev-Glantsman, Carlos Luis, Gina Cardazone   

Community psychology has a bright history, and thanks to Jim Dalton and the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice (courtesy of Jim Kelly), some of this history has been captured on video and shared with the world. Check out the history of community psychology video series on Vimeo:

As for the future, there's plenty up ahead, including a complete revamp of the SCRA website (get a sneak preview of an early version of the new site here).

Did you attend the conference? Anything you'd like to see? Please add a comment!

Gina Cardazone & the CPP blog crew


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