Friday, August 30, 2013

Ask an Advisor: Identifying non traditional out reach methods

Ask an Advisor featured question, by Al Ratcliffe

Ask an Advisor is a feature from the Community Tool Box ( in which anyone around the world seeking for advice regarding community work, could find a brief and personalized response. For this week’s post, we feature the following question:

Question: I was wondering if I could have help identifying non traditional out reach methods that I might use in high risk high crime low income family residence

Answer: We can offer only general advice that a good first step would be to try and identify natural neighborhood leaders with whom you can become acquainted and establish your own credibility and trustworthiness over a period of time. Enter being clear about what skills you bring and that you are willing to learn from them what outreach approaches will work best in their neighborhood. Partnering with them over a period of time will bring you in contact with other concerned members of the neighborhood. Coalition-building and goal-setting can evolve from there.

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  1. Was thinking of a book called "In Search of Self-Respect". Deals with a sociologist doing work in a barrio. Cannot remember the author's name at this moment.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment Lance, I just found the book, the author is Philippe Bourgouis. Here is the kink to the review:

    Good day!