Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Community Practitioner Spotlight: Adrienne Paine- Andrews

“The most critical skills [that I’ve gained] were..ensuring citizen involvement in identifying local issues and solutions and working together to implement them.”-Dr. Paine-Andrews

Name: Adrienne Paine-Andrews, Ph.D.
Title: Community Psychologist/Consultant
Employer: Self-Employed
Affiliations: Kansas Public Health Association, the Society for Public Health Education, the American Public Health Association, and the Society for Community Research and Action

Dr. Adrienne Paine-Andrews is a community psychology practitioner whose work involves promoting community health and development through systems level approaches.

She works primarily with health related foundations assisting with grant review processes, program planning, project management and organizational capacity building. Currently, her work focuses on promoting environmental and systems approaches to promote healthy eating and active living; and providing opportunities for organizational capacity building.

She earned her Ph.D. in Community Psychology from the University of Kansas. During her graduate training, emphasis was placed on understanding the importance of systems level approaches and citizen participation in community and organizational settings. Through her experience with the Work Group on Health Promotion and Community Development, she applied community psychology theories to community settings. These experiences ultimately provided a foundation for her current work.

Dr. Paine-Andrews’ background in community psychology theory and practice has helped guide her work. It has enabled her to help communities identify and implement effective solutions for improving health.  

Keywords: Community Health and Development, Consultation, 

This profile was written by Kyrah Brown, from Wichita State University.  It is part of a series of community psychology practitioner profiles.  If you have a suggestion for future profiles, please email ComPsychPractice@gmail.com 

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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to read The Self-Help Leader's Handbook by Dr. Paine-Andrews.

    Any idea where I can find it?