Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Community Ideas: Day Two and Beyond

This is just a quick update on the second session dedicated to the development of new community ideas at the SCRA biennial. There will be follow up posts with more details on this session and ongoing updates on new community ideas. We centered discussion on developing the idea of a Neighborhood Skills Exchange, which received the most support on day one. The group generated action steps needed in order to implement this idea, such as identifying communities, establishing buy-in, and researching other models of barter economies. We then spent some time discussing the process itself, and how we can generate, share, and support new ideas in the future. We ended with commitments by two small groups of participants to (1) write a proposal for a neighborhood skills exchange, and (2) write a proposal for a yearly initative within SCRA to support new community ideas. This was a quick session (only 45 minutes!) so a lot of ground was covered, but the real work will be in the months ahead. Stay tuned for more news!

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